Small Groups

Picture of a home group trip to Hamsterley Forest
Many in our congegation who come to services on Sunday morning or evening also attend small group meetings at other times during the week. The purpose of these meetings is to build a better understanding of the Christian faith by sharing experiences and insights with each other in the light of the scripture. Some of these groups have a specific role in the life of the church but all are meant to be encouragement each other to love the Lord and 'run the race'.
Most Home Groups meet on Thursday evenings but there is a group for those who have young families and who find daytime is best so Tuesday afternoon suits them.
A midweek Drop-In group meets on Tuesday afternoons (after Heaven's Kitchen has served lunches). Anyone is welcome to come along and engage in discussion, games and craft activities even though there is a particular focus on relating to people who have physical and/or learning disabilities.
Our Early Prayer Fellowship meets each Wednesday at 7.00am in the Upper Room. Prayer is at the root of any move of God so we make this time and place available.
The Men's Group is strong and manifests itself primarily in the form of a prayer breakfast on the third Saturday of each month.
An abundance of musicians in the church means the Worship Group is never a fixed entity but each Monday, as many as possible meet together for rehearsals or devotions.
It's not often you'll find a Brass Band in a Methodist Church... but we have one here and it's celebrating its 50th year of making music in 2010.
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