Mens Group

Men's group walking

Prayer Breakfast
On the third Saturday of each month, at 7.30am, a group of men from the church meet for a full 'English' breakfast, prayer and worship. Ian Rutherford leads the group in prayers of praise, thanks, confession and intercession. Prayers tend to focus on the life of the church (and particularly the role of men) and the local community. Ministry also plays a key role as we share with each other.
Other activities
The group is very important to the men of the church who attend regularly and provides good mutual support. Fellowship is further enhanced by events such as 'pasta nights' at a local Italian restaurant, quizzes in a local pub and weekends of prayer, study, worship and fun. Many of these events provide opportunities to invite friends along.
We like to get away for a weekend once a year (but we aren't always succesful with this). On the occasions when we have met this way, awesome things have happened and lives have beeen transformed. These weekends will usually be a combination of teaching, worship, meditation, and walking. The misty picture above is from the October 2009 weekend away in Nottingham on a damp day which includes friends from Sherwood Methodist Church.
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