Heaven's Kitchen

Each Tuesday lunchtime from 11.30am there's good, solid grub available at the church. The fellowship is great too - so you can have a chat, have a laugh and forge friendships.
Maureen, Linda and Ethel run the show with their band of helpers who turn up for food prep on Mondays so it's all ready to cook and serve on Tuesday. No-one is expecting to get a Michelin Star anytime soon but it's good, home-cooked fayre at a price that's affordable... 3.50 for a three course meal.

As far as possible, the food is fairly traded and locally sourced because social justice matters to us. Menus vary and it could be a roast one week, hot pot another, home baked pies the next week or maybe a casserole. If you're vegetarian or gluten-free or subject to an allergy, they can cope with that too so long as they know in advance.
Between 40 and 60 people can turn up each week and it's ideal (but not in any way restricted) for:
  • Mothers at home who can bring their children along
  • Anyone who is retired or elderly
  • People who work in or near the village
  • People who neither work nor live anywhere near the village
There's no requirement to be a member of the church either - anyone and everyone is welcome. If you do come, you can certainly find about what's going on in the life of the church and there are people available to answer your questions if you have them.
If you come along with a heavy heart, you can find a quiet space to pray also. No-one will interfere if you want to be by yourself but someone will pray with you if you ask.
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