Children and young people are very important to us

Young people at Harvest
Our children and young people are vital to the life of the church of today (as well as tomorrow). We're blessed to have a group of highly committed young people who want to make a difference and here's some of the activities they are involved with:
Junior Church
We used to call it Sunday School in the old days. Junior Church meets as part of all-age worship on Sundays from 10.30am then after half an hour or so they're off into their own groups... 
Cozy Zone
A relatively new group for 11-14 year olds. Mainly it meets in the church but they do get out an about too. Find out more.
For young people 14 and over, Marmalade (so called because it's meant to be  'more interesting than jam') meets fortnightly at 'Rowena'. Find out more.
In addition to the above regular events, we run children's holiday clubs, light parties, sleep-overs and connect with regional youth events such as Xsite.
Note: the above picture is a bit out of date but and most of the young people featured above are now at university but we still value them and pray for them.
Safeguarding and CRB Checks
All meetings for young people are supervised and led by people who are appropriately CRB checked. Safeguarding is massively important to us so please ask for details.