Mission and evengelism matter

Love spelled out in candles
Mission and evengelism matter because the Bible tells us they matter. British culture has been shaped by Christian values and Christian men and women who went out to make a difference. They were empowered and driven by the Holy Spirit and obedient to the scriptures.
How do we work it out at Lumley? We see mission and evangelism as being inextricably linked...
By praying
We encourage individual prayer of course but we also have a prayer time at 7.00am every Wednesday. We've had some amazing times and God has spoken clearly and answered prayer dramatically. We also run 24 hour prayer events in the church each year, each on a relevant theme.
Through fellowship (or relationships)
When we meet as Christians, that often offers an evangelistic opportunity. We have home groups meeting each week and we get together socially for picnics, barbeques, outings, etc... all great ways of inviting people to meet other people.
By being outward looking
It's easy to fall into the trap of being comfortable with each other (especially when you're blessed to be with people you know and love. You can just slide into being inward looking. It can seem risky when you turn outwards but it's actually more risky when you don't. That's one of the ways churches go into decline - but we're not going to do that.
Getting involved with stuff
Lately we've been getting involved with people with learning disabilities - principally via Sunderland Gateway. We value this connection and look for more ways to engage with disability groups. Our premises are perfect for them and we learn so much from them. Odd really, we thought they would be learning from us.
Recently we've set up a football team (Lumley FC Gateway) for people with learning disabilities and we have coaching sessions every Wednesday night at 6.00pm at Lumley Junior School.