500 youngsters prove it's cool to be kind

June 6 2008
More than 500 youngsters are setting out to bring a little kindness to the villages of Great Lumley and Woodstone in County Durham. For two weeks from May 19th, the children, from local churches and schools, will be intent on carrying out small acts of kindness to friends, neighbours and acquaintances.

‘Cool to be Kind’ is an initiative of three churches working in the community on a united front – Great Lumley Methodist Church, Christ Church Lumley and Lumley Evangelical Church. Three local schools are taking part – Great Lumley Junior School, Great Lumley Infants School and Woodlea Primary School.

Each youngster involved will have a personal record card which will be  signed for every act of kindness they carry out.

Adults can also get involved by logging acts of kindness to other people in their own record cards.

‘Cool to be Kind’ is a local version of a national scheme being held during May called ‘A Million Acts of Kindness’. Initiated by Christian churches all across Britain, the idea is to get as many people as possible involved in doing acts of kindness for other people. 

The hope is to pool the record and build up a picture of the hundreds of kindnesses that have happened locally – and to contribute to the million(s) which is hoped will happen nationally.

The project will culminate with a coffee morning for the village to be held in the Community Centre from 10.00am until 12 noon on Saturday 31st May.  Anyone from the village will be able to come along to this, but in particular the children will return their ‘Cool to be Kind’ cards with details of what they have done.

During the following week, each young person who has taken part will receive a certificate that proves they are definitely ‘cool’ because they have been ‘kind’ to others.

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