Cool to be Kind Project

Cool to be Kind logoC2BK had a much bigger local impact in 2008 than we could ever have imagined with 500 children involved in carrying out small acts of kindness for their families and friends over two weeks in May
The project was run as part of Hope'08 and the 'Million Acts of Kindness' planned for the Pentecost weekend (except we chose different timing in Lumley). C2BK was Lumley's local way of getting this out on the streets in a significant way with minimal organisational effort. All three village churches were involved so it was aslo a great expression of our unity as Christians.
It was a bit like the old Scout 'Bob-a-Job' scheme with individual cards to record the kindnesses done and smiley star stickers to go with them.
The two weeks climaxed in a coffee morning in the Great Lumley Community Centre. It was already organised by Christ Church - we just bolted ourselves on so the children could bring their completed cards along. The event incoporated arts and crafts activities, games and and some fantastic worship dance routines from 'Free' our own dance group. They danced inside the Centre and outside to great effect.
There has been a lot of interest shown in the project and we look forward to it being rolled out wider some time in the future.