Leadership Team

Brigitta and Alasdair Steele
Rev Brigitta Steele (pictured above with her husband, Alisdair, at Brigitta's ordination in 2009) is our minister. This is her very first appointment after training at the Wesley Study Centre, Durham University. Born and raised in Hungary, Brigitta has lived in the UK for more than 10 years now having come, originally, to be a school teacher. Brought up as a Roman Catholic in Hungary, Brigitta Illyes (as she was then) became drawn to the Protestant faith and converted as a teenager.
Brigitta spent some time as a lay worker at Elm Ridge Methodist Church in Darlington before candidating for the full time ministry.
Married to Alasdair, Brigitta has a very busy life looking after three circuit churches, including the huge challenges that this particular one brings.
Brigitta is on maternity leave for one year from  1 June 2010.
Other members of the team comprise leadership stewards with oversight of particular areas of the life of the church:
Church Secretary
Olive Overton
Childrens & Youth Work
Joanne Fearn
Vicki MacLeod
Tom Sterling
Finance & Property
Sam Hunter
Pastoral Care
Olive Overton
Vestry Stewards
Gail Hopkins