A typical week in the life of the church

Week by week lots happens in the life of the church and the following meetings are held on a regular basis:
9.30am: Pastoral Care Group (meets while the veggies are prepared for Tuesday's Heaven's Kitchen lunch)
7.45pm: Worship Band Practice - rehearsals week by week for those who can attend
Lunchtime: Heaven’s Kitchen - good, straightforward food at a reasonable price
2.00pm: Drop-In Group - for disabilty groups or anyone who's lonely
7.30pm: Brass Band Practice
7.00am: Early Prayer Fellowship - praying for church, community and the nations
6.00pm: Lumley FC Gateway Learning Disabilities Football Coaching - held on Lumley Junior School playing fields in the Summer months and Houghton Kepier School in the Winter months
7.00pm: Gateway Parents and Carers Support Group - meets in the church while sporting and leisure activities are in progress
7.00pm: Boccia Coaching Sessions and Gateway Savings Club - meets in the church till 8.30pm
7.30pm: Steve’s Home Group

7.30pm: DLV Home Group
7.30pm: Tom’s Home Group
7.30pm: Joyce’s Home Group

7.00pm: Cosy Zone Youth Group for 11-14s (meets in the church)
7.30pm: Marmalade Youth Group for 14+s (meets at ‘Rowena’ (alternate weeks)

10.00am: Prayer Time (wherever you happen to be at the time)
10.30am: All Age Worship - with a family focus
2.00pm: Lumley on the Road Monthly Accessible Worship
6.00pm: Evening Worship - with a focus on scripture
7.45pm: Brass Band Practice