Home Groups

Bible at John 1
Five home groups are running in the church and they are loosely based on the cell church model... i.e. cells grow and multiply (rather than divide). Our groups are:
  1. The Daytime Group: meets on Tuesdays at 1.15pm
  2. The DLV* Group: meets on Thursdays at 7.30pm
  3. Tom's Group: meets on Thursdays at 7.30pm
  4. Joyce's Group: meets on Thursdays at 7.30pm
  5. Steve's Group: meets on Thursdays at 7.30pm
Most home groups meet weekly on Thursday evenings at 7.30pm in the homes of people who are trained and/or experienced in the running of small groups. Meetings are loosely structured around the 'four Ws'... Welcome, Worship, Word and Works.
*DLV - so called because of a shared leadership arrangement between Doris, Linda and Vicki.
A thematic teaching plan is published for the whole year and at regular intervals, these same themes are picked up to use in the Sunday evening worship service. The current published themes for the year are listed below and downloadable here.
10th  Group Values 1: Focussing on Jesus
17th  Group Values 2: Everyone contributing
24th  Group Values 3: Everyone growing
1st  Group Values 4: Becoming a loving community
8th  Group Values 5: Everyone witnessing
15th  Lessons from James 1: Wisdom (and 11th pm)
22nd  Lessons from James 2: Works (and 18th pm)
29th  Half Term (and 25th pm 3: The Tongue)
5th  Lessons from James 3: The Tongue and 4: Wordliness (1st pm)
12th  Lessons from James 5: Faith (and 8th pm)
19th Open Night
26th  Advent Journey 1
3rd  Advent Journey 2
10th  Advent Journey 3
17th  Advent Journey 4
24th  Carol Service
7th  People of Vision: Acts 11
14th  People of Passion: Acts 17
21st  People of Courage: Acts 18
28th  People of Promise: Acts 2
4th  People of Hope: Acts 20
11th  Half Term  (A heart for God: Psalm of Penitence 7th pm)
"The Big Read using Bishop Tom Wright's Lent for Everyone book."
18th  Lent for Everyone 1: Luke 1: 46-55
25th  Lent for Everyone 2: Luke 5: 1-11

4th  Lent for Everyone 3: Luke 8: 40-56
11th  Lent for Everyone 4: Luke 11: 33-36
18th  Lent for Everyone 5: Luke 15: 4-10
25th  Lent for Everyone 6: Luke 20: 9-19

1st  Maundy Thursday Service: Luke 22: 14-38
8th  Holiday
"Stretch": Lessons in Faith from the life of Daniel (This is a series about building faith; about taking the seeds of faith we do have and asking God to grow them. It is about being stretched beyond the norm, beyond our expectations-inspired and informed by Daniel`s 'exile diaries'.)
15th  Intrinsic Faith - Daniel 1
22nd  Acoustic Faith - Daniel 2
29th  Elasstic Faith - Daniel 3
6th  Poetic Faith - Daniel 5
13th  Eccentric Faith - Daniel 6
20th  Open Night
27th  Holiday
3rd  The Message of the Minors: Amos (and 30th pm)
10th Hosea (and 6th pm)
17th  Habakkuk (and 13th pm)
24th  Malachi (and 20th pm)
1st  What`s fuelling your anger?
8th  God`s purposes in our suffering
15th  When we`re afraid to forgive
22th  Harnessing stress
If you would like details of where meetings are held, please email us.
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