Early Prayer Fellowship

Every Wednesday morning at 7.00am a small group of people meet to pray for specific issues that have been brought to our attention.
A day or two in advance a confidential 'Early Prayer' email goes out to quite a few church members giving an updated report on progress so people can pray with accuracy and insight. So even though the numbers may be few each Wednesday, a committed group uses this email as  prayer resource and look forward to its arrival and the news it contains.
We have been amazed at the miraculous answers we have had to prayers offered up for the most desperate of situations. Prayers for healing are at the core of what we engage in each week but we pray for national and international social issues also. CCFON provides a fantastic resource for prayer around developing UK and European legislation as it is being framed and the suffering church always features.
Confidentiality is really important so no-one appears on any published list without express permission or a direct request. If you have a request for prayer please send us an email from this link.
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