Lumlopoly – learning about value and values


Lumlopoly; a 2-night sleepover teaching young people from school years 7 and above about personal finance and other money related activities.

The sleepover started on Friday with members of Marmalade (apart from Emma and Daniel who arrived on Saturday morning) helping Tadz to set up and finish planning for the arrival of the Cosy Zoners on Saturday.
Saturday morning started with an early breakfast with the Men’s prayer breakfast group followed with last minute setting up and shopping for later.
Things really kicked off at 2pm on Saturday when members of Cosy Zone arrived and the activities began.

We started with meet and greet in the sensory room, describing the most horrible things we had eaten.  There were some disgusting ones!!. After that we came up with team names, chants and made our monopoly playing pieces. The teams were: Gangster Style (Jade, Evan, James, Bethany and Kaitlyn) The Group of Goodness! (Emma, Stephanie, James and Matthew) and Lawyers (Matthew, Sophie, Matthew, Niamh)

Following that we did some group challenges to win properties for the big game on Sunday morning.  These were wide games on the Millennium Green, egg tossing using raw eggs, Million Pound drop using hard questions written by Chris, and a bush tucker trial eating melted chocolate with brussel sprouts, cherry tomatoes, strawberry sauce, cucumber and pancakes. (Steph, Matthew Perry and Evan were brave enough to try the lot!)

Two special visitors arrived; one gave us real money tips showing us bank statements and explaining banking terminology using real life case studies. The other visitor was from Christian Aid and he talked about the ‘Tax for Justice’ campaign and how some taxes seem unfair but are usually okay in the end. We used sweets as money and played a game to show differences between rich and poor.

Tea was made from scratch using fresh ingredients, Niamh made soup and others made pizza dough, which was topped off with various delights.

Sunday morning’s service was prepared and a power point presentation was put together.  Free time was followed by bedtime, girls in the sensory room (warm and cosy) and the boys in the Rainbow room (not quite so cosy!)

You could sure tell on Sunday morning who had slept and who hadn’t, as we packed away our things before setting out on the Big Game before the morning service. Group of Goodness ended up in jail at least 3 times, but still managed to fend off the Lawyers, gaining all their properties.  The real twist was at the end when Group of Goodness got a chance card, which meant paying out 300 lumlops on each property which bankrupted them, allowing Gangster style to win.

The Sunday service followed and then we all went home and if anyone was like me, fell asleep in front of the TV!
Lumlopoly was A good experience and a fun way to learn about the value of money and encourage friendships.