Cool to be Kind Cool to be Kind has a little bit of history behind it insofar as we first ran it in 2008 and 500 children took part locally. These children carried out more than 5,000 acts of kindness over about two weeks... amazing!

This year, more than 700 children are being invited to take part in the project... even more amazing!

Cool to be Kind is based on the simple Christian principle of being willing to do something kind for someone else without expecting anything back in return. Generosity is a good character trait and is the oil-on-the-wheels of a community or society with good values. It’s an important value to understand and grasp but, in today’s highly competitive and self-seeking world, it’s easily lost.

Who is involved?
We have asked children (and adults) via:
  • Lumley Junior School
  • Lumley Infant School
  • Woodlea School in Fencehouses
  • Trinity School in Durham
  • Wear Mencap
  • Junior Church
  • Community Centre
  • The Co-op
How does it work?
Each child (or even each adult) who takes part is given a record card. Every time they do something kind for someone they know, that person writes their name and describes the act of kindness in the card.  It’s a bit like the old Boy Scouts ‘Bob-a-Job Week’ but without the bob (for those old enough to remember that).

What are the key dates and events?
  • Cool to be Kind starts on Saturday 5 April and ends on Saturday 19 April. 
  • On Friday 11 April at 6.30pm there is a Cool to be Kind Fun Night as part of the ‘ten days’ mission.
  • On Saturday 19 April the chidren will bring their personal record cards to glmc between 10.30am and 12.00 noon.  There’ll be a cup of fair trade tea or coffee plus lots of other surprises (like free fairtrade Easter eggs for example).